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r«* *» 

. , -.:■ > > <>• 





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in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 




". . . facilities are excellent for a school 
this size . . . beautiful . . . more than 
adequate . . . I'm happy with them 
. . . library that's ideal for studying and 
research. . . aii conditioned classrooms 
reallv make a difference . . . gym is like 
a dream . . . great . . . the little 
Chapel is so quaint . . . student union is 
the perfect place to relax . . . all top 
notch . . . dorms are reallv plush ... I 
just like them all . . . ST. MARY'S HAS 


s l: 

". . . no need to go off campus to get 
involved . . . all around good sports 
curriculum . . . an involved girl is a 
happy girl . . . 

variety of extra curricular activities to 
appeal to everyone . . . initiations and 
water fights involve all ot us . . . 

golf, tennis, basketball, bowling, swim- 
ming, dance— something for everybody 


"... St. Mary's girls are unique . . . 
always a person with a cheerful smile 
. . . friendly people . . . a-ok . . . 
school spirit unites us . . . unbelievable 
closeness . . . true friendships, life long 
friends . . . great bunch of twirls . . . al- 
ways ready with a helping hand . . . 
laugh together, cry together, study to- 
gether, pray together, live together . . . 
super duper . . . ST. MARY'S HAS A 


. . courses to interest everybody 
. truly interested faculty . . . 10 to 1 

student/faculty ratio hard to heat . . . 
small classes mean individual attention 
. . . always a challenge . . . classes 
very stimulating . . . 

teachers down to earth, neat people 
. . . the education is the best yon can 
ask for . . . ST. MARY'S HAS A 


"... father-daughter day . . . orienta- 
tion festivities . . . 'peanuts' and 'shells' 

at Christmas . . . the Circle's midnight 
walks . . . ice cream carnivals . . . 
'cold cuts' . . . 

the (Impel . . . birthday surprises . . . 
big sister, little sister . . . May Dav . . . 
since 1842 . . . ST. MARY'S HAS A 


. . . boys, boys everywhere . . . 
State's right across the street . . . Dai- 
ry] s serins to be a popular plaee . . . 
Carolina is blue heaven . . . there's al- 
ways something to do in Raleigh . . . 

fraternity parties are such fun . . . ev- 
erybody loves college football names 
. . . just look at all the engagement 
rings ... in my mind I Hi going to 
Carolina . . . 

the super weekend trips to Wake Forest 
. . . gosh Duke has cute boys . . . long 
live dating . . . ST. MARY'S HAS A 






8 ■38SSSS 


->Hs V ■' .•"■ ''->=■■ ~*\:-: - ■ :. * --z^-y 

- '-?'-?W' J i»rt\,' 

Student Life 

Two typical girls relax around the dorm 

Chapel outdoors was a way that all St. Mary's students were brought closer togethe 


The Rose Garden is a favorite place for many St. Mary's students. 

Being lavaliered can bring some strange results! 

' ' '".. ' . -i'J- 

Mr. Lawrence joined in the St. Mary's spirit bv participating in the Stu- 
dent-Faculty softball game. 

y y.^JT'V 

Picnics are so much fun! 

Freshmen move into school and new way of life, 

Stacey takes out time for a set of tennis. 

Miss Duncan clowns around the pool with the Sea Saints. 

Student Life 

Girls cheer their team on at the games. 

They sure don't have snow like this in Florida! 

Students give a puppet show for the Governor Morehead School 

The Chapel— center of life at St. Mary's. 

Number one in her class! 

Study— a very real part of student life. 

Friendly rivalry! 

Student Life 

The Biggest Sprite of All! 


St. Mary's Closed Study Hall! 

The Morning After! 

L'll Darlii 

Is this the Blue Orchid? 

The Douhle Forehand? 

"Washed Ashore.' 

And as the sun rises . 

' ' 

- - , , r**r*i 

An alternative for May Court. 

1,2.3 Smile! 

Have a bite of my Budburger. 


The 1973-74 St. Mary's Varsity Basketball Team. 

Watching their team from the sidelines is complete concentration for these girls 

Watch that ball 

<-•' I Vl 


Miss Alexander gets a lift from her team. 

Sigma Basketball Team 



Mu Basketball Team 

; TR ! 

Letter Club 

Officers Boiling Quieke, Martha Kelly, Mu; Lorna Walthall Pres. of Letter Club; Margaret McAlister, Candy Bunn, Sigma 



■-- ■ 

The 1973-74 St. Mary's Cheerleading Squad. 

The Cheerleaders lead the crowd in a veil 


The S.O.S. club, in an attempt to boost school spirit, issued a plea for a St. Mary's mascot, and the Sigma-Mu cheer- 
leaders immediately set out looking for one. Suggestions for the mascot were made and the winner received a prize of a 
free overnight. The big moment came when the identity of the new school mascot was disclosed. During an assembly put 
on by the cheerleaders, the four finalists were presented. They included the St. Mary's Spirit, the St. Mary's Stampers, 
the St. Mary's Tigers, and the St. Mary's Sprite. The winner, the St. Mary's Sprite, was chosen as the new mascot for 
SMC. The girl chosen to be the Sprite was Betsy Bullington. 


The 1973-74 Varsity Tennis Tearr 

The Varsity Tennis Team consisted of eleven girls. 
After a great deal of practice and hard work they 
finished a successful season with eight wins and five 
losses. Coach Mary Lou Jones was very proud of 
the girls as thev made many improvements 
throughout the season. 

"Number one" means a lightening fast ser 


The 1973-74 Junior Varsity Tennis Team 

St. Mary's J.V. tennis team was composed of sev- 
enteen hard working members. The J. V. team 
played surrounding high schools. Each member 
improved greatly throughout the season. Coach 
Mary Lou Jones looks forward to seeing many 
J.V. members play varsitv tennis next year. 

Robin hits an almost perfect shot. 

The Boyfriend 

We plot to have a boyfriend. 

St. Mary's Girl's? 

You're never to old for 

"Old lady, quit nagging me!" 

Let's Charleston! 

"That certain thing called the boyfriend."? 

Smile everyone! 

"For me?" 


iWelc onjBb SMC I 

n&m Ui un ■— tin— fc^» m^^— i— 

- irri *"Jh iiiiagriwijiiiiiHUMi ■iiiiHMi 

— — ^BHHki 

[■■■■■■W«»«M II — »IIIHI»lll—— I «, 
- — i— — »— p— I 


The doors of St. Mary's readily waits for the girls arrival. 


The welcoming committee takes it easy for a few seconds. 



Loaded down with everything, St. Mary's girls come with anticipation. 

Who could leave home without their stuffed animal? 

Seeing old friends, as well as making new ones, is a good start for a school year. 

N -,: *i 

The first meal hack at the cafeteria is a wonderful experience! 


You turn me on! 

"Can I tempt you with an apple my dear?" 

"I just can't understand it Bud ... I only ate 20 tootsie rolls, 6 carmel appli 
14 candy corns, 5 corndogs . . ." 

Ghosts and Goblins! 

The "typical St. Mary's student" made a great hit with the Wittens! 



If she kissed you once, she'!! kiss you again. 

"I'll get vou my little pretty!" 

Trick or Treat! 

The GREAT PUMPKIN will see you tonight! 

Father-Daughter Day 

-v ir &# ufc City 

II Li l 



Utah is definitely a long, long wav! 

Fathers and Daughters enjoy 
the activities during the day. 

Fathers see that their daughters are telling the truth about how hard the ela 

Waiting for your father can seem like forever! 


The best tilings come in small packages 

I wonder if Santa thinks I'm a good little girl? 

On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen, 

Twas the night before Christmas . 

One of Santa's sly helpers! 

Take that, Santa! 

Day Students 

We want food! 

'Day Student's House 

Jane relaxes between classes. 

Study + lunch = indigestion 

This place sure isn't as quiet as the library 

As the conversations continue . 

'All my babies" comes to an exciting climax. 

We sure have a lot of hi 

Freshman Slave Sale 

Cosh, I don't want to be sold! 

I sure do need a car wash! 

A slave keeper. 


ilt slave auc 

tioned off. 

Another sale! 

Spectators view their prospects from the balaeonv. 

Spring Court 


Lone Turner, Maid of Honor 

susan bi/ers, senior 

stacey curran, senior 

betsy newman, senior 

julie parker, senior 

lorna walthall, senior 

bonnie ford, junior 

martha kelly, junior 

allison kerr, junior 

hjn snijder, junior 

i/orke wooten, junior 49 

candy bunn, sophomore 

val tullai, sophomore 

laura lewis, freshman 

Symbolizing our school spirit . . . 
Pictures of inner beauty, 
as well as outer beauty . . . 

Girls we are all proud of . . 

1974 Spring Court 









Mouth to mouth, hoof to hoof, 

Sweep the floor, raise the roof. 

Shout it high, shout it low, 

Come on Seuiors-PLEASE DON'T GO! 

Bebe Jane Aycock 


Elizabeth Rives Barbour 

Frances Horner Barksdale 

Caroline Mason Barry 


• : 

Martha Ann Beery 

Melinda Jane Blanchard 

Donna Louise Bowles 

Susan Shepard Bryan 

Tonia Rowe Br 

Susan Delaine Bvers 

fan Alexander Carson 

Velda Kay Carter 

Lee Cartland 


Cecelia Scott Clark 

Rebecca Osborne Clark 

Stacy Edie Curran 

Emily Elizabeth DeLapp 

Margaret Ann Denning 

Elizabeth Bannon Detgen 


.•"■."Axii -. -^. 
SiLsan James Dotterer 

' • 


Anna Lawrence DuBose 

Elizabeth Ann Ellington 


-'.:•' { 

i M 1 t 

- . 



Janie Gladys Faircloth 

Liesa Kick! Fellers 

Laura Frances Ferrel' 


Mary Jane Flanagan 

Terrell Faye Fulghum 

Catherine Anne Fnlp 

Kathryn McRae Gaskin 


■i &*»S* • 

Marvel Greyson Gates 

Margaret ('.ail Goforth 

Laura Lynne Grimes 



Susan Mebane Han 

I * » 

— • 



! 1 


Lucinda Harrison Hancock 

Margaret Pamela Hardage 

Catherine Phillips Harden 

Susan Pelletier Harrison 


Catherine Colleen Harvin 

Mary Higgins Harwood 

Marion Bowden Hassell 

Pr> m i 


k 1e 

Fairlie Cunter Haynes 

Ellen Elizabeth Henson 


(Catherine Ryon Hil 

Rachat'l Bnitrh Holmes 

Angela Denise Howe 



Susan Lee Howland 

Nancy Carol Hunter 

Martha O'Neal 

Frances Patricia Johnston 

Katlierinc Jordan 


Marv Susan Kayhoe 

Sarah Elizabeth Lange 

Susan Ward Lawrence 

Marian Elizabeth Laws 

Sarah Wooten Little 

Leslie Marie London 

Anne Carlyle McGhee 

Catherine MeKenzie 


Margaret Hasty McNairy 


Phyllis Lee Matatee 

Ruth James Martin 

Holl) Caldwell Maynard 



Saline Brooks Mobley 


Marcia Feild Neely and Elizabeth Spruill Everett 

Elizabeth Compton Newman 


Helen Belle Nichols 

Elizabeth Tuller Nicolson 

f'f[- : U-. 

^ -**C*f 

Patricia Carroll Northrop 

Evelyn Diane Odon 

Jewell Adams Parker 

Caroline Scarborough Pollard 

Elizabeth Boiling Quicke 


s * v Hi 


Josie Barnes Rawl 

Nancv Rae Ravmer 

Marv Kirtland Rendler 


Norma Kay Reynolds 


Susan Elizabeth Robinson 

Karen Suzanne Hose 

Louise Nicholas Rowe 

Joan Cherry Sanders 

Isabel Gay Savage 

Gail Daniel Shackelford 

Catherine Clendenin Shaw 

Monnie Jane Slade 

Mary Alice Elizabeth Smith 

Ann Macon Smithwick 

Marj'orie Anne Spencer 

Jane Council Spilman 

Susan Rae Stancil 

Julia Anne Stevens 

Margaret Lewis Stevens 

Karen Lee Strange 

Pamela Sarah Stronpe 

Nancy Warwick Suitt 

Anna Merritt Sullivan 

Susan Diane Summerhays 

Mary Kelly Tasker 

Diane Carter Terrel 

Ann Elizabeth Thornton 



Robin Lee Thorp 



'■ V 



Shelley Arlene Tosto 

Jane Elizabeth Treichler 

" &' N - * v ' r^ijti 

Jeanne Marie Turcotte 

Lane Turner 

Barbara Halsey Urquhart 

# 1 p 


Aunt' Elizabeth Walden 

Kathryn Maule Wallace 


v ' U 

* ■niffira ' 


,1.1 1 

Lorna Gail Waltha] 

Melrose Whitfield 

Daphne Elizabeth Williams 

Margaret Rawlings Williams 

Carol Decover Willian 

Anna Marie Woodside 

Emma Louise Wortham 
Mary Louise Pope 

Senior Faces 


We love you Juniors, oh yes we do. 
We love you Juniors, and we'll be true. 
When you re not with us, we're blue, 
Oh, Juniors we love you. 

Sally Marshall Alston 

Dehra Kay Baird 

Martha Wharton Barnette 


Bonnie Kirk Bell 
Sally Rookh Betts 
Mary Christina Blacklev 


Wit * J S* '^SJt 1 T ft 

Virginia Robinson Brogden 
Nancy Jane Bryant 
Nancy Middleton Budd 

Evelyn Kitchin Buie 

Melinda Ann Byrd 

Karen Elizabeth Carpenter 

V . 

1 j 





W ( 

Elizabeth Hinton Cheshire 
Victoria Vann Clarke 
Carol Cleveland 

SSBBBSS* " ... 

, ■ 


• **r .-w~ •■*.-: $&Jlm; 


The scenery is much better outside for study. 

ffe 46*1 

T' \iik' 

Mv^- \ 


Vickie Diane Cocknim 
Lou Ann Coleman 
Wilda Abigail Conrad 

Christina Ann Cook 
Athalia Tayloe Cooper 
Peggy Sears Corbitt 


Frances Pope Creel 
Susan Elizabeth Crona 
Martha Valentine Cronty 

Elizabeth Bryan Dabney 
Catherine Knight Daniel 
Susan Eli the. Dobv 

Kathrvn Ann Doggett 
Elizabeth Lee Duncan 
Roland Collins Elliott 

Lvnn Warren Fetner 
Dorothy Evins Fitchett 
Jessica Cay Fleming 

Miriam Marshall Fletcher 
Barbara Gray Ford 
Suzanne Evelyn Gallion 

Margaret Gary Gidley 

-• •- 

With classes over, Lisa's ready to go. 

Katherine Jnstke Ciunslev 

Lynn Harand 

Connie Wren Harrell 
Aunt' Watkins Harris 
Audrey Lynn Harris 

Deborah Ann Hetland 
Katherine Lane Hobson 
Sandra Katherine Holt 

Betsy Tom Lawrence 

Home wood 
Martha Connelly Hortor) 
Lu Parrish Howard 


Patricia Gave Isenhour 
Cynthia Ann Jernigan 
Lucile Best Jones 


Shelley Anne Joslyn 
Janet Gaither Kelly 
Martha Toms Kelly 

Rosalie Huske Kelly 
Jan Straver Kennett 
Allison Kerr 

Nancv Morgan Kerr 
Kimberlv Ann Koken 
Phillipa Leigh Lang 

Deborah Lee Lasitter 

\nnr I ,enzner 

Elaine Gayle Littlejohn 

Margaret Lucas McAlister 
Elizabeth Sickles McCann 
Debra Marline McGee 

Distinguished spectators view the Junior-Senior football game 

Anne Bailey McLean 
Mary Crystine McLeod 
Frances Rutledge Martin 

Anne Lee Mays 

Teresa Elizabeth Messner 

Janet Lynn Morgan 

Christine Anne Murphy 
Jo-Ann Marie Nance 
Elizabeth Lindsay Nash 

Elva Elizabeth Oakes 
Janet Dorothy Osmer 
Susanne Aylett Owens 


Martha Kaye Pass 
Mary Dell Patton 
Caroline Carson Perry 

Susan Redding Pitt 
Cordelia Ruffin Plunkett 
Loula Polites 

Elizabeth Ruth Putney 
Leigh Annette Raynor 
Jac<|ueline Powell Ricks 

Jane Skiles Roberts 
Robin Elizabeth Robinson 

Susan Lawson Rogers 

Noel Russos 
Rebecca Anne Ryon 
Sabrey Jeanette Sanderson 

Margaret Glenn Sargent 
Ewing Elizabeth Schmidt 
Kathryn Patterson Scott 

Florence Elise Shelton 
Laura Sybil Shivar 
Sarah Elizabeth Showel 

Sallie Murrill Shuping 
Cava Leila Skardon 
Margaret Leslie Sloan 


Florence Fontaine Smart 
Susan Worthington Smith 
Pamela Jean Smithson 

Evelyn Neese Snyder 
Anne Hunter Stephenson 
Melanie Anne Stevens 

Harriet Lee Swaim 
Carolyn Rose Taylor 
Pamela Ann Teaslev 

Anne Fortune Troutman 
Janice Gail Turner 
Vicky Ann Turner 

June Claire Upchurch 
Sarah Hart Vann 
Julia Chapman Walker 

Deborah Walter 
Paige Ward 
Brenda Kay Watson 

The Jaunty Junior Jocks partieipate in the massacre of the Seniors. 

Mary Gordon Watson 

Virginia Kimbro West 

Trio poses before going to Bud's Cafe. 

Beverly Faye Wheeler 

Sarah Stuart Whitley 

Susan Pierce Whitlock 

Elizabeth Anderson Willard 

Dorothy Charleton Young 


Sophomores say, "We're No. I!' 3 

Sue Keller Akenhead 

Gail Lvnne Austii 

Gwendolyn Hughes Barnes 

Elizabeth Burwell Baskervill 

Joy Lvnn Batchelor 


Elizabeth Carolyne Beale 

Gladys Lorraine Beddingfield 

Ann Strudwick Berry 

Alice Rebecca Blackburn 

Catherine Pettway Blankenship 

Candace Mozelle Bunn 


# ' I 


Donna Kay Bvrd 

Karen Elizabeth Bvrd 

Jane Elizabeth Cameron 

Janis Kay Castleberrv 

Garland Lynn Clarke 

Carol Sturdivant Coggin 

Iris Jean Cottingha 

Camilla Bruce Cramer 

Susan Warren Creech 




Janet Elizabeth Davis 

Mary Rebecca Davis 

Elizabeth Ann Dixon 


Man Helen Dombalis 

Lucinda Honker Edwards 

Jane McCalla Gregory, MaryAnne Vaughn Elliott, Nixie Ann Nunnelee, 
and Mary Raulston Walker 

m* • '•..-■I 

Rebecca Angeline Ensign and Angela Claridv Mankii 


Laura Sutherland Fanjoy 


Minda Sue Fleishman 

Evelyn Allison Faulkner 



Elizabeth Parks Halm 

Frances Lee Haigler 

Marsha Sue Hardy 

Kami Elizabeth Hearne 

Melba Charles Hefelfinger 

Carey Elaine Hendrix 

' f *. 


Julia Elizabeth Hoggard 

Carol Crisler Herring 


Vickie Leigh 


Margaret Ellen House 

Sidney Phillips Jessup 

Jane Shannon Johnson 

Barbara Jordan 

Mary Elizabeth Justesen 

Dell Elizabeth Kistler 

Beverly Eileen Lipman 

Ann- Lynn 

Lee Ann Lytton 

Man Fuller MeOranahan 

Sally Anne Edmunds McMaster 

Anne Louise Mavo 

Mayree Gwyn Miller 

Jeanette Marie Morrison 

Jane Page Morrow 

Angela Kathleen Parker 

Jennifer Ann Powell 

\v *» 


Victoria Carolyn Proctor 

* 4k 

, '*^*- __ . 

Judith Michelle Reynolds 

Julia Elaine Ridjjeway 

Patricia Anne Roberts 

Margaret Erskine Roger 

( lynthia Kay Royal 



Mary Claire Seawell 

Tara Rae Shrake 

Lauren Lea Sitton 

Melissa Anne Smith 

Susan Leigh Spearman 

Patricia Anne Spell) 

Leslie Elizabeth Stokes 

Ellen Ferguson Stone 

Lori Anne Thies 

Elizabeth Gavford Tollev 

Christin Wright Tooker 

Valerie Denise Tnllai 



■ SI 

i^' t»^ 

*** ^^ 

B^V ^yri 

Hope Hill Tyndall 

Carole Jeanne Watford 

3 * * A 

Katie Christine Walker 

Dorothy Bennett Wellons 

Martha Moye Williams 

Sally Murrion young 


Who's the best of all the rest? 
Freshmen, Freshmen! 
Who's the best of all the rest? 
Freshmen, Fresh men! 

Catherine Ellen Adcock 
Ann Graham Barwick 
Elizabeth Cozart Barwick 
Emily Donelson Bass 

Sallie Strudwick Beard 
Camilla Rebecca Bittle 
Juliet Tec Blankenship 
Elizabeth Anne Bullingto 

Ruth Louise Butler 
Melanie Anne Calvert 
Catherine Lynn Chamblee 
Margaret Pou Clements 

Katherine Conway Cole 
Eugenia Roberts Cowper 
Bettina Jean Critcher 
Rebecca Elizabeth Daltoi 

Betsy Jean Davis 
Pauline Elizabeth Eley 
Mary Llewellyn Faircloth 
Henrietta Susan Fields 

Freshman love walking to 8:30 classes 

Penelope Ellen Fouts 
Elizabeth Leigh Gaither 
Deborah Noel Glazier 
Elizabeth Caldwell Gregory 

Margaret Elizabeth Hicks 
Martha Elizabeth Holding 
Mary Kee Hood 
Doris Goerch Horton 

Helon Vaughn Hutafi 
Ann Vaughn Isenhower 
Linda Anne Jefferies 

Annie Marie Johnson 
Lena Muna Johnson 

Helon Elizabeth Jones 

Linda Ann Jones 
Mary McCarroll Jordan 
Sue Carson Joyner 

Annette Davis Kerlin 
Patrieia Ann Kerlin 
Deborah Gray Lane 
Laura Jane Lewis 

Conieille Harris Little 
Elizabeth Winkler Luckett 
Sarah Little MeAlister 
Sheila Kay MeLamb 


Amanda Cobb McMillan 
Shawn McLean Maxwell 

Kathleen Kay Menendez 
Louise Gaither Moore 

Sarah McKay Mnnford 
Caroline Celeste Neaves 

Lisa Webster Norwood 
Kate Montgomery Oates 
Mary Paige Pate 
Constance Palmer Peebles 

Julie Elfrida Peterkin 
Mary Margaret Plybon 
Deborah Lynn Powers 
Catherine Ruth Proctor 

Dana Elizabeth Promin 
Pamela Peele Railey 
Novella Vincent Rawlings 
Jill Eaton Rice 

Jeanie Patterson Rogers 
Cindy Royal 
Susan Anderson Scruggs 
Carol Victoria Sermons 

Charlotte Gray Sharp 
Kimberly Anne Shavlik 
Joy Lou Simpson 
Janet Cumming Smalley 

Anita Lenora Taylor 
Josie Christine Thompson 
Nancy Bohhitt Thompson 
Miriam Morgan Towler 

Maria Beatriz deLemos Tucker 
Elizabeth Ann Wannamaker 
Mary Carter Warren 
Bettic Franklin Watson 

* ■■■■'- • -'• *?'-i 

■ ■■■■ d y ^aBF' 'J*L 

•a ^ K 


Freshmen Super Jocks plan strategy 

- - - 

'-V, - 

Ann Mitchell Watters 
Frances Ashe Welles 
Dorothy Griffin Wells 
Corinne Harriet Weyrauch 

Deborah Jo Whittenberg 
| Christine Nevelle Wikoff 
Rebecca Johnston Williams 
Elizabeth Harding Williamson 

Jane Warren Abernathy, Senior 

Ann Dunbar Cline, Senior 

Chamberlayne Ross Jones, Senior 

Paige Leigh Anderson, Senior 

Susan Page McDaniel, Sophomore 

These pictures were not received on time to appear with the class section 



»^\WJfflI*liii*^? i W«!^*f »= 

5 I I 



*■."■'>• ' ■•..■.-' -, , v --~ 




The Drama Department seeks to encourage students to assume 
leadership in dramatic activities and to develop qualities of co- 
operativeness, reliability, self-confidence, and poise. During 
the school year, the St. Mary's Players present two major pro- 
ductions. The Drama Department also sponsors the Dramatics 
Club and the Order of St. Genesius. -The Order of St. Genesius 
is an honorary organization to recognize students who have 
made outstanding contributions to the theatre life at St. Mary's, 

Art increases one's ability to perceive, to respond, and to un- 
derstand the environment. The Art Department offers a variety 
of courses ranging from art history and art education to studio 
courses. In addition to classroom work, the student has an op- 
portunity to explore art museums and galleries and to meet es- 
tablished professional artists. 






The St. Mary's Music Department offers courses in theory, ap- 
preciation, and historv. Instruction in organ, piano, and voice is 
also offered. 

The Mathematics Department is designed for either students 
who plan to major in math or students whose major requires 
onlv a freshman level of mathematics. 

Religion is an important aspect in the life at St. Mary's. 
Old and New Testament is required and elective courses in 
comparative religion are offered. 



!o Gd lb 0, H 8 \< !K 56 tu 

Am Coi Bk CI 

' - 


Science majors will be pleased with the vari- 
ety of biological and physical science courses 
offered at St. Mary's. Chemistry, Biology. 
Physics, and Anatomy are available to all stu- 
dents to support their major or fill the gradu- 
ation requirement. 



, . I 



W- gf 

Ppp &T 

m ^P 




Physical Education 

Our recently completed recreation facility has opened new 
doors for the physical education department. Students have an 
excellent selection of physical education courses for com- 
pletion of the requirement. The department offers swimming, 
life saving, tennis, golf, archery, badminton, modern dance, 
ballet, tap, team sports, physical fitness, horseback riding, 
bowling, ping pong, and even pointers for the campus pool 
sharks. Intramural competition is also available for credit 
through participation in Sigma-Mu. 

- - -7 - - . -' ' '- :•■ 

-. ■• Vf -■'-"' - ■ - 

-"." :- . ' — ' 

• -*V ■-• • • 

"'■, . ".'; -: -:■■■'.-■ ■ ; : 

- > - 



A St. Marv's Girl is given the op- 
portunity to take Spanish, French, 
German and Latin. Studying a for- 
eign language can be an inter- 
esting and unique experience be- 
cause the student is given a great 
deal of individual attention and 
the teachers are very well quali- 
fied in their chosen subject. The 
student can learn to be proficient 
in all phases of understanding a 
language. One can explore the life 
in other countries and discover 
much about himself and his sur- 
roundings. The study of languages 
can offer the student and inter- 
esting change and open the dooi 
to a new and unusual world. 




Political Science 

At St. Mary's the goal of the Social Studies Department is to 
make learning a creative experience to meet the needs of each 
student. To reach her highest potential, a student must have 
the ability to understand and to analyze. 

English History 

Western Civilizations 


* *SjA/s AA/. , . 

Dr. Frank W. Pisani— President 

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Jones— Dean of Students 

Dr. Robert J. Miller, II— Academics Dean 

Rev. John W. S. Davis— Chaplain 
Mrs. Davis. 

Mr. Thomas H. Johnson— Registrar 

Mrs. Mary E, Irvin— Accountant 

Miss E. Frances Vann— Assis. Business Manager 

Mr. B. W. Conrad— Business Manager 

Rev. Henry H. Witten, Jr.— Director of College Relations and Development 

Miss Libhie Bynum— Admissions Counselor 

Mrs. Barbara R. Bunch— Guidance Counselor 

Mrs. Faye B. Fussell— President's Secretary 

Mrs. Julie P. Pressley— Dean of Student's Secretary 

Mrs. Jane A. Rabon— Executive Secretary of the Alumnae 

Miss Betty Ward- Alumnae Association Secretary 

Miss Hilda Boyd— Academic Dean's and Development Direc- 
tor's Secretary 

Mrs. Laura N. Raynor, Mrs. Charity M. Honevcutt, Mrs. Betty 
Petv/av— Admissions Secretaries 

Mrs. Kathleen Puder— Guidance Director's Secretary 

Mrs. Mary M. Sciabarasi— Saga Secretary 

Mrs. Doris B. Parker— Receptionist 

Mrs. Elizabeth Duke. Mrs. Margaret Gentry, Mrs. Mason Little. 
Assistant Dean— Resident Counselors 

Dr. Chauncev L. Rovster— Physician 

Mrs. Marian Reilley— Infirmary Nurse 

Mr. Bud Watkins— Saga Food Service Director 

Mr. Lewis Hatlev— Maintenance Supervisor 

Mr. Robert Cotten— Custodial Supervisor 

Miss Hazel Baity— Librarian 

Miss Sara G. Seagle— Acting Librarian 

Mrs. Margaret Williams— Art Chairman 

Mrs. Nancy Stanley— Drama Chaii 

Mr. Harry R. Callahan— Drama 

Mrs. Catherine Barnhart— English 

Mrs. Ann Brown— English 

Miss Patricia E. Connelly— English 

Miss Ann Culley— English 

Mrs, Rebekah M. Gunn-English 



Mrs. Olivann Hobbie— English 

Mrs. Marguerite Cressman— French 

Mr. Stanley J. Serxncr— Spanish 

; . 

Dr. Dolores Lado— Foreign Language Chairman 

Dr. Doreen Saxe— French 

Mrs. Marjolijn Wemian— French 

Mrs. Jessie Zepp— Latin 

Mr. A. H. Lawrence-Math Chairman 

Miss Ellen A. Birch-Math 

Mr. Hamilton W. Fish — Math 

Mrs. Hilary W. Right— Math 

Mr. Michael Bulley— Music Chairman 

Miss Geraldine S. Cate— Voice 

Miss Mary Ruth Haig— Piano 



Miss Mary Lida Alexander— P. E. 
Miss M. Louise Jones— P.E. Chairman 

Miss Margaret Duncan— P.E. 


Mrs. Elizabeth H. Skinner— P. E. 

Miss Margaret Underwood— P.E. and Art 

Miss Mary Oliver Ellington— Science Chairman 

Mr. James Appleton— Physics 


Mrs. Georgette Campbell— Biology 

Mr. Stan Converse— Physics 

Mrs. Alice Z. Greiner — Chemistry 

Mr. Larrv R. Grimes— Biology 

Dr. Ronald Hicks— Chemistry 

Mr. Wylie S. Quinn— Religion 

Miss M. Beth Mackie— Religion 
Ms. Hannah Scoggin— Social Studies 

Dr. Elgiva Watson— Social Studies Chairman 

Ms. Georgina Hancock— Social Studies 

Mrs. Ruth C. McDaniel— Social Studies 

Mr. Demetrios F. Nixon— Social Studies 

-««■; - 

""..*> v v -" . ' ,\H 

.' .*Ni 



Honor Board and Social Board 

The Honor Board strives to uphold a high standard of personal integrity in all aspects of life within the St. Mary's 
community. The board is composed of faculty members and students elected by their classmates. It is the responsi- 
bility of these members to issue guidance when any part of the Honor Code has been violated. 

The Social Board is the second highest governing court at St. Mary's. It is composed of two faculty members and 
ten students. The Social Board handles cases such as excessive lateness, leaving and remaining, and usage of alco- 
holic beverages on campus. 


Hall Council 

Hall Council is composed of se- 
niors who are nominated by the 
SGA to preside over the stu- 
dent body. Councelors are re- 
sponsible for maintaining order 
in the dorm and solving anv 
student problems which may 
arise. Hall Council chairman is 
Melrose Whitfield. 

Leg. Body is the student's way 
in which they may voice their 
opinions and attempt to change 
rules which they may feel are 
outdated and are no longer 
relevant. The Leg. Body is pre- 
sided over by Boiling Quicke, 
Vice-President of the SGA. 
There are representatives from 
each class as well as the presi- 
dent of each class. The Dean of 
Students and another faculty 
member are also present to 

Leg. Body 

Student Government Association 

At St. Mary's, each student belongs to the Student 
Government Association. Each student is respon- 
sible for expressing her opinion in affairs regarding 
the governing of the student body. The basic prin- 
ciple ot the Student Government Association is the 
Honor System, which is designed to promote mu- 
tual trust and respect among students, faculty, and 

The Student Government Association officers are 
nominated from the Senior class. They must have 
noticeable leadership abilities and an academic av- 
erage of 3.0 or higher. The Student Government 
Association officers along with various boards such 
as Honor Board, Social Board, Legislative Body, 
Education Committee, and Academic Council fur- 
ther the democracy of St. Mary's. 

The Student Government Association officers arc: 
President— Lane Turner; Vice-President— Boiling 
Quicke; Secretary— Boo DeVane; Chairman of the 
Social Board— Melrose Whitfield; Secretary of the 
Social Board— Margaret Ann Denning; and Day 
Student President— Kay Reynolds. 

Lane Turner 

Boiling Quicke 

Melrose Whitfield 

Kav Reynolds 

Boo DeVane 

Margaret Ann Denning 

Altar Guild 


The Altar Guild's main duty is to keep the 
chapel clean and prepare for the services. It is 
divided into four major committees: The Brass 
Committee, the Flower Committee, the Com- 
munion Committee, and the Miscellaneous 
Committee. The Altar Guild is open to all inter- 
ested girls. 

The Vestry is the student advisory body of the 
Chapel. The members, under the direction of Mr. 
Davis and Senior Warden, Neal Johnson, serve one 
year terms and vote on matters concerning the 
Chapel. One of the Vestry's main projects this year 
has been working with the children from the Gov- 
ernor Morehead School for the Blind. At Thanks- 
giving, the children reallv enjoved coming over for 
turkey dinner and entertainment. St. Mary's Girls 
also work over at the Blind School tutoring and su- 
pervising the children. At Christmas, the Vestrv 
members sold Christmas cards with the proceeds 
going to UNICEF. The Vestry has also planned spe- 
cial chapel services and engaged guest speakers to 
speak at St. Mary's. 


St. Mary's life is made much more 
meaningful with the dedication 
that has been shown during the 
Chapel services. The crucifer is 
the girl who bears the cross and 
leads the acolytes to the front of 
the Chapel. The crucifers are cho- 
sen from outstanding members of 
the Senior class. The acolytes 
carry the flags and light the can- 
dles on the altar. The Chapel ser- 
vice is made more meaningful by 
the girls because they feel that 
they have contributed something 
to the service. To carry the cross 
or to be an acolyte is an honor 
that each girl will cherish with 
dignity and reverence. 

The crucifers are: Margaret Ann 
Denning. Susan Byers, Lane 
Turner, Neal Johnson, Boiling 
Quicke, Melrose Whitfield, and 
Kay Reynolds. 


Order of the Circle 

As the Circle symbolizes unity, so the purpose of this organi- 
zation is to promote a spirit of cooperation among the students 
and between the faculty and the students, by the cultivation of 
high ideals of service, fellowship, citizenship, and scholarship, 
and to assist new students in finding their place in school life 
and activities. The name of this organization shall be the Order 
of the Circle. 

Byers, S.— Pres. 
Capehart, C.C.— Sec. 
Robinson, S.— Tres. 
Bryan, S. 
Clark, B. 
DuBose, A. 
Coforth, G. 

Henson, E. 
Holmes, R. 
Quicke, B. 
Summerhays, S. 
Turner, L. 
Walthall, L. 
Whitfield, M. 


The Beacon is the honorary organization of 
the high school department of St. Mary's. Its 
members are selected from the sophomore class 
at intervals during the vear with regard given to 
participation in extracurricular activities, lead- 
ership, character, and academic achievement. 
Several freshmen are chosen in the spring to be 
the nucleus for the following vear's group. 

The purpose of the Beacon is to promote 
school spirit, to encourage cooperation in every 
phase of school life and to support participation 
in extracurricular activities. Above all, each 
member of the Beacon genuinely strives to serve 
St. Mary's in every phase of her life. 

Officers: Val Tullai and Leigh Spearman 


Senior Class 

Officers: Ellen Henson, President; Becky Clark, Project Chairman; Lynn Jones, Treasurer; Velda Carter, Secretary; Gail 
Goforth, Vice-President. 

Sophomore Class 


Val Tullai, President 
Bennett Wellons, Secretary 
Candy Bunn, Vice-President 
Sally McMaster, Treasurer 

Junior Class 

Officers: Sally Betts, Secretary; Yorke Wooten, Vice-President; Bonnie Ford, President; Martha Kelly,- Dance Marshal. 

Freshman Class 


Anne Woodroof, President 

Leigh Gaither, Treasurer 

Jill Rice, Vice-President 

Ellen Faircloth, Dance Marshal 

Betsy Vann, Sergeant of Arms 

Drama Club 

St. Genesius 

Sponsored by the Drama Department, the Drama Club is open to al! 
students who are interested in drama and the theatre. The function 
of the club is to put on two major productions and several one act 
plavs each year. The Drama Club promotes student acting, directing, 
and technical work with lights and sets. 

Officers: Karen Rose, Mebane Ham, Pres.; Catherine Blandenship, 
and Sugar Bryan. 

Outing Club 

Outing Club Officers 

The Outing Club is an organization dedicated to promot- 
ing an interest in the great outdoors. Hiking and camping 
are the two most enjoyable activities. 

The Art Club, a new club at St. Mary's this year, is not 
just for people who are artistic but also for those who 
have an interest and appreciation of art. 

Art Club 

Cold Cuts 

The Cold Cuts is the washboard band that exists dm the St. Mary's campus. 
This group is made up of eighteen to twenty-five girls of the Senior Class. 
Tryouts are held three times a year— the first two times are for seniors and the 
third time is for Juniors to begin the group for the next year. The Cold Cuts 
are probably best known for their performances at fraternities. Even though 
this is the most popular place to play, the group receives heartwarming 
experiences playing for Dorothea Dix, the Central Prison and the Governor Morehead 
School for the Blind. They also play for various social men's and women's groups. 

The original seven: Karen Strange; Mary Louise Pope; Julie Parker, President; Tisli Detgen; An 

e; Libba Barbo. 

nd Louise Wortha 






VVAlf* ronwTV 

Mimi Martin, Chief 
Greyson Gates 
Susan Byers 
Lorna Walthall 
Anna DuBose 
Julie Parker 

\ V V- i 

Fire MarsJial 

— "**- 1 — 

Fire Marshal, Anne Walden; Assistants, Gary McKenzie, and Susan Gotherm 

Assembly Chairman 



Anna DuBose 




Scottish Dancers 

The performing dance groups at St. Mary's are Caperettes, Gil- 
lie Galium Dancers and Orchesis. Caperettes, the talented tap 
dancers, specialize in jazzy routines and kick lines. A new num- 
ber, "Telephone Talk," was added this vear and made a big hit. 
The Gillie Galium Dancers are the Scottish dancing group who 
fling to the music of bagpipes. Their colorful kilts and highland 
dances, such as "The Fling" and the "Sword Dance," make 
them really fun to watch. Orchesis is composed of ballet ami 
modern dance students who perform bodi classic and inter- 
pretive numbers. The members this year used films and special 
sound effects as a new and unusual backdrop for their dances. 

Sea Saints is the synchronized swimming club of St. Mary's, 
The group, headed by Eugenia Owsley this year, gave a sneak 
preview of their talents at a special show on Father-Daughter 
Day. Their great spring show was centered around the differ- 
ent phases of life at St. Marv's— with all choreography, cos- 
tumes and sets done by the members themselves. These grace- 
ful swimmers also sponsored the annual Sigma-Mu swim meet. 

Eugenia Owsley, President 

Sea Saints 


Phi Theia Kappa 

Phi Theta Kappa is composed of seniors who had a yearly average of 3.25 or higher. 

Honor Society 

The Honor Society is composed of sophomores who had a yearly average of 3.50 or higher. 


Granddaughter's Club 



The granddaughter's Club is com- 
posed of all girls whose mothers or 
grandmothers attended St. Mary's. 

The Chorale is the singing group of 
St. Mary's College. Thev sing at Sun- 
day Chapel services as well as the 
weekly Wednesday night service. 
The Chorale presents an annual 
Christmas program in an assembly 
and a Wednesday Chapel service. 
Mr. Michael Bullev accompanies the 
group and is also their director. 



Laura Grimes, Editor in Chief 
Mimi Martin, Advertising Editor 
Mary kellv Tasker, Art Editor 

The Stagecoach is St. Mary's yearbook that is 
produced by a staff of students. It attempts to 
capture life of the girls at St. Mary's through 
photographs and print. The editors are selected 
by the preceeding year's publications committee 
on the basic of experience and interest in the 
yearbook. The Stagecoach is given out at the end 
of the school year to all students. It is a very im- 
portant keepsake to all girls— full of memories 
never to be forgotten. 

, - . 

The Stagecoach Staff 


Striving to give an accurate pic- 
ture of St. Mary's life and activi- 
ties through news stories, edito- 
rials, anil features, The Belles is 
the semi-monthly campus newspa- 
per. The Belles gives an opportu- 
nity for and encourages the ex- 
pression of ideas of students, 
faculty and administration. This 
year, the paper boasts an ex- 
ceptionally big and dependable 
stall as well as a new and larger 


Margaret Stevens, Editor in Chief 
Susan Gotherman, Managing Editor 
Pain Stroupe, News Editor 
Barbara Urquhart, Features Editor 
Ellen Henson, Photographer 


Muse Editors 

; ■ 


. ^ ■ * ■ ' m 

SOS Officers 

The Muse is the literary magazine of St. 
Mary's composed of creative work done 
solely bv the students. Poetry, short sto- 
ries, songs, and art work are included in 
each of the biannual issues. The staff 
consists of the editors, advisor, and any- 
one else that is interested. 

Newly organized this vear. Spirit of St. 
Mary's is a pep club dedicated to pro- 
moting school spirit in athletic as well 
as social contests. Any student of St. 
Mary's is invited to join the SOS. The 
SOS was formed to increase the close- 
ness of the separate classes. The goal of 
the SOS is to bring the classes together 
by competitive rivalry. This year the 
SOS sponsored the contest which chose 
the mascot of St. Mary's, "The Sprite." 

Organization Members 


Boiling Quicke, Rachael Holmes, Mary 
Dombalis, Boo Devane, Suzanne 
Owens, Roland Elliott, Lane Turner, Lu 
Jones, Mary Oliver Ellington, and Mar- 
tha Stoops. 

Melrose Whitfield— Chairman, Lane 
Turner, Boiling Quicke, Margaret Ann 
Dennings— Secretary, Ann Isenhower, 
Kay Castleberry, Sally Slurping, Marga- 
ret Stevens, Susan Bryan, Miss Mary 
Oliver Ellington, Mrs. Helen Smith, and 
Kay Reynolds. 

Boiling Quicke Lane Turner, Melrose 
Whitfield, Ellen Henson, Gail Goforth, 
Bonnie Ford, Gaither Kelly, Val Tullai, 
Gay Tollev, Anne Woodroof, Lihbie 
Jones, Coco Pollard, Mr. Roberts, Miss 
Alexander, and Miss (Dean) Jones. 


Melrose Whitfield— Chairman, Marga- 
ret Ann Dennings— Secretary, Susan 
Brvan— Asst. Secretary, Sukoshi Wil- 
liamson, Susan Robinson, Belle Nichols, 
Lane Turner, Julie Parker, Becky Clark, 
Susan Byers, Jan Carson, Gail Shackle- 
ford, Louise Wortham, Cindy Hancock, 
Elizabeth Everett, Marcia Neely, Anna 
Dubose, Sallie Lewis, Greyson Gates, 
Lynn Welton, Anna Sullivan, Robin 
Thorp, Kathy Forrester, Laurie Sherrill, 
Kira Harris, Ellen Henson, Margie 
Spencer, Coco Pollard, Liesa Fellers, 
Rachel Holmes, Margaret Stevens, Neal 
Johnson, Boiling Quicke, Betsy New- 
man, Stacy Curran, Tish Detgen, Boo 
DeVane, Kirby Tomason, Gail Goforth, 
Sally Little, Susan Gotherman, Beth 
Laws, Susan Lawrence, Josie Rawl, 
Vicki Groome, Ann Pollock, and Mimi 

Byers, S.— Pres.; Capehart, C.C.— Sec; 
Robinson, S.— Tres.; Bryan, S.; Clark, B.; 
Dubose, A.; Goforth, G.; Henson, E.; 
Holmes, R.; Quicke, B.; Summerhays, 
S.; Turner, L.; Walthall, L.; Whitfield, 

Leigh Spearman, Val Tullai, Mary 
Dombalis, Laura Fanjoy, Beckv Davis, 
Bennett Wellons, Candv Bunn, Sue 
McDaniel, Carey Hendrix, Catherine 
Blankenship, Sally McMaster, Ann 
Berry, Gay Tolley. 

Lane Turner, Boo DeVane, Boiling 
Quicke, Susan Byers, Leigh Spearman, 
Margaret Ann Denning, Melrose 
Whitfield, and Kav Reynolds. 


Neal Johnson— Senior Warden, Cindy 
Hancock— Sec, Diane Terrell- -Treas.. 
Lynn Jones, Lorna Walthall, Ann 
Smithwick, Nancy Bryant, Sally Lewis, 
Vicki Groom, and Becky Clark. 


Suzanne Owens— Chairman, Lorna 
Walthall— Co-Captain, Susan Robinson, 
Fairlie Haynes, Margaret Williams, 
Colleen Harvin, Ruth Little, Sallie 
Lewis, Mary Claire Seawell, Kira Har- 
ris, Roland Elliott, Janet Smallev, Mar- 
garet Clements, Catherine Harden, Eu- 
genia Owsley, Leigh Spearman, Kittv 
Grimsley, Hope Tyndall, Kay Carpen- 
ter, Lynn Harand, Ruth Putney, Kim 
West, Melanie Calvert, Lynn Jones, 
Beth Lange, Candv Bunn, Becky Davis, 
Peggv House, and Melinda Byrd. 

Sallie Lewis— Chairman, Coco Pollard, 
Ann Pollack, Ann Berry, Margie Spen- 
cer, Katie Hearne, Beth Beale, Betsy 
Tom Homewood, Susan Pitt, Beth 
Lange, Jean Watford, Kave Castleberry, 
Laura Lewis, Carter Warren, Ann Bar- 
wick, Cammie Cramer, Gay Tolley, 
Leigh Spearman, Sidney Jessup, Hope 
Tyndall, Suzanne Owens, Libba Wil- 
liamson, Cathy Martin, Sukoshi Wil- 
liamson, Mary Claire Seawell, Marica 
Neely, Elizabeth Everett, Ellen Henson, 
Lynn Jones, Sally Seston, and Katherine 


Sukoshi Williamson— President, Coco 
Pollard— Vice-President, Libba Barbour, 
Susan Dotterer, Beckv Clark, Lynn 
Jones, Lee Macatee, Sue Summerhays, 
Peg Corbitt, Nancy Kerr, Greyson 
Gates, Lee Lytton, Betsy Willard, Tina 
Blackley, Carter Warren, Katherine 
Blankenship, Chris Herring, Karen 
Hearne, and Anne Stevenson. 

Pres.— Beverly Wheeler, Vice Pres.— 
Ann Cline, Libba Barbour, Sukoshi Wil- 
liamson, Frances McGowan, Frances 
Creel, Sandra Holt, Susan Doby, 
Jeannie Turcotte, Chris Herring, Ann 
Barwick, and Lena Johnson. 

Diane Terrell— Pres., Sandra Holt— Vice 
Pres., Gail Shackelford, Mary Louise 
Pope, Leigh Spearman, Cathy 
Chamblee, Dana Promin, Terry Mesner, 
Debbie Lane, and Mary Ann Schwinn. 

Eugenia Owsley— Pres., Gay Tollev— 
Sec-Tres., Beth Beale, Becky Black- 
burn, Lynn Clark, Elizabeth Dabney, 
Anne de Luca, Carey Hendrix, Betsy 
Tom Homewood, Lucy Jones, Barbie 
Jordan, Molly Jordan, Betsy Kempton, 
Ann Mays, Diane Odom, Pam Peebles, 
Debbie Testerman, Sarah Vann, and 
Ann Woodroof 

Nancy Suit, Laurene Meir, Anna Du- 
Bose, Laura Fanjoy, Jeanne Watford, 
Greyson Gates, Beth Wannamaker, Gail 
Goforth, Emily Bass, and Bonnie Ford. 

Val Tullai, Marcy Beery, Kathy Jordan, 
Allison Kerr, Katie Cole, Gail Conrad, 
Creesy Smith, Jennifer Powell, Kathryn 
Wallace, Amv Chavase, Y'orke Wooten, 
Josie Rawls, Robin Thorpe, Betsy New- 
man, Sugar Chesire, and Stacey Curran. 

Becky Clark— Chief, Gail Shaculeford, 
Belle Nichols, Peg Corbitt, Nancy Kerr, 
Lynn Snyder, Ann Berry, Camie 
Cramer, Lindy Edwards, Carson Joyner, 
Kim Shavlick, Lisa Norwood, Leigh 
Gaither, Celeste Neaves, Kathy Men- 
endiz, Sandra Holt, Bailey McClean, 
Val Tullai, and Betsv Bullington— 

Loma Walthall, Boiling Quicke, Martha 
Kelly, Melrose Whitfield, Ann Dubose, 
Bennett Wellons, Candy Bunn, Cathy 
Martin, and Susan Byers. 

Virginia Brogden, Candy Bunn. Ruth 
Butler, Susan Byers, Kay Carpenter, 
Katherine Cole, Janet Davis, Tish Det- 
gen, Ellyn Faircloth, Penelope Fonts, 
Hollv Gnagev, Ellen Henson, Peggy 
House, Libbv Jone, Martha Kelly, Len- 
zner Ann, Cathy Martin, Margaret 
McAllister, Sally McAllister, Elizabeth 
McCann, Jill Rice, Jane Roberts, Kath- 
rvn Scott, Pam Smithson, Chris Tooker, 
Elizabeth Vann, Bettie Watson, Frances 
Welles, Bennett Wellons, Melrose 
Whitfield, Rebecca Williams, Elizabeth 
Roberts, Bonnie Bell, Margaret Hicks, 
Catlet Hutaff, Linda Jefferies, Sallie 
Lewis, Debbie McGee, Jan Morgan, An- 
glea Parker, Pain Peebles, Cordelia 
Plunkett, Boiling Quicke, Shelly Tosto, 
Debra Walter, Jeannie Rogers, Dell 
Patton, and Gertrude Glass. 

President— Becky Clark, Vice Pres.— 
Gail Shackleford, Secretary— Lynn 
Jones, Tres.— Susan Robinson, Debbie 
Baird, Ann Barwick, Betsy Barwick, 
Elizabeth Baskerville, Ann Berry, 
Marcy Beery, Susan Bryan, Nancy 
Budd, Betsy Bullington, Ruth Butler, 
Susan Byers, Jan Carson, Becky Clark, 
Margaret Clements, Pegg Corbitt, Cani- 
mie Cramer, Ann deLuca, Susan Doby, 
Lindy Edwards, Elizabeth Everette, El- 
lyn Faricloth, Miriam Fletcher, Leigh 
Gaither, Greyson Gates, Susan Gother- 
man, Catherine Harden, Colleen Har- 
vin, Katherine Hobson, Sandra Holt, 
Kee Hood, Catlet Hutaf'f, Lynn Jones, 
Carson Joyner, Annette Kerlin, Nanci 
Kerr, Beth Lange, Sallie Lewis, Marga- 
ret McAllister, Sally McAllister, Anne 
Bailey McLean, Kathi Menendez, Tricia 
Murphy, Celeste Neaves, Narcia Neely, 
Belle Nichols, Lisa Horwood, Julie 
Parker, Pam Peebles, Cordelia Plunkett, 
Boiling Quike, Mimi Railey, Susan Rob- 
inson, Gail Shackelford, Kim Shavlit, 
Lynn Snyder, Connie Spilman, Shelley 
Tosto, Valerie Tullai, Vicky Turner, 
Julie Walker, Lorna Walthall, Carter 
Wareen, Bennett Wellons, Beckv Wil- 
liams, Ann Woodroof. 

Anne deLuca— Pres., Penny Fouts, Anna 
Davis, Debbie Lane, Angela Mankin, 
Angie Parker, Louise Wortham, Lynn 
Welton, Gay Tolley, Betsy Newman, 
Charlotte Sharp, Sheila McLamb, Re- 
becca Blackburn. 

Sheila McLamb— Pres., Mebane Ham- 
Vice Pres., Sally McMaster— Tres., Jea- 
nette Sanderson— Sec, Sarah Dooster, 
Gene Couper, Sally McAlister, Christ- 
ine Thompson, Janet Davis, Melanie 
Cavert, Rebecca Blackburn, Beth 
Lange, Becca Bittle, Joy Simpson, 
Grace Johnson, Louise Overman, and 
Angie Parker. 

Laura Fanjoy— Pres., Sally McMaster— 
Vice Pres., Gail Austin— Sec, Ann 
Berry— Tres., Leigh Spearman, Carey 
Hendrix, Laurene Meir, Anne Speth, 
Bennett Wellons, Mary McGranahan, 
Janet Davis, Lisa Christoph, and Meg 
Rogers. Advisors— Miss Oslack, Mrs. 
Hobbie, and Mrs. Greiner. 

Leslie London— Pres., Rachael Holmes- 
Vice Pres., Katie Hill— Sec, Laurie 
Sherrill, Laura Ferrell, Margaret Ann 
Denning, Barbara Uruqhart, Margaret 
Stevens, Mimi Martin, Mary Smith, 
Pam Hardage, Diane Ferrell, Denise 
Howell, Beth Ellington, and Buffy 

Julie Parker— Pres., Tish Detgen— Sec. 
Tres., Anna DuBose, Libba Barbour, 
Louise Wortham, Mary Louise Pope, 
Karen Strange, Beckv Clark, Josie Rawl, 
Sue Summerhays, Belle Nichols, Liesa 
Fellers, Pam Stroupe, Susan Lawrence, 
Kirt Rendleman, Sallie Lewis, Stacy 
Currin, Ann Walden, Tricia Murphv, 
and Anne Wodside. 

Gwen Barnes, Becca Bittle, Catherine 
Blankenship, Sugar Bryan, Nancy Bry- 
ant, Laura Cartland, Sugar Cheshire, 
Lisa Christener, Becky Clark, Peggy 
Corbitt, Susan Corna, Janet Davis, Sa- 
rah Doster, Roland Elliott, Janie Fair- 
Cloth, Liesa Fellers, Dorothy Fitchett, 
Jane Flannagan, Bonnie Ford, Terry 
Fulghan, Hollv Gangey, Melissa Gor- 
hreny, Beth Hahn, Mebane Hani, 
Audrey Harris, Connie Weyraueh, 
Peggy House, Lu Howad, Annie John- 
son, Lena Johnson, Betsy Kempton, 
Nanci Kerr, Sally Lewis, Elaine Little- 
john, Ann Mays, Gwyenn Miller, Page 
Morrow, Janet Osmer, Louise Overman, 
Coco Pollard, Mimi Railev, Leigh Ann 
Spearman, Anne Speth, Mary Wood- 
roof, Betsy Willard, Brenda Kay Wil- 
liams, Melanie Stevens, Anna Merritt 
Sullivan, Vicky Turner, Barbara Urqu- 
hart, Kathryn Wallace, Deborah Wal- 
ter, Paige Wat, Bettie Watson, Nancy 
Smith Bryant. 

Peggy House, Mebane Ham, Boo De- 
Vane, Janet Davis, Anne Speth, Cath- 
erine Blankenship, and Karen Rose. 

President: Becky Davis, Vice-President: 
Christine Thompson, Secretary-Trea- 
surer: Page Morrow, Cathy Adcock, Sue 
Akinhead, Becca Bittle, Cathy Boyce, 
Melinda Byre, Janie Cameron, Susan 
Creech, Kathy Doggett, Laura Fanjoy, 
Beth Green, Libbet Gregory, Margaret 
Hicks, Martha Holding, Gaye Isenhour, 
Grace Johnson, Jane Johnson, Betsy Lin- 
dley, Sally McAlister, Kadiy Moore, 
Jeanette Morrison, Mary Page Pate, 
Mimi Railey, Jackie Ricks, Ewing 
Schmidt, Charlotte Sharp, Laura Shivar, 
Janet Smalley, Melissa Smith, Anne 
Troutman, Christine Walker, Beth 
Wannamaker, Bennett Wellons, Anne 
Woodroof. Advisors: Joan Cremin, Mar- 
guerite Cressman, Doreen Saxe, and 
Marjolijn Werman. 

Mimi Martin, Chief, Greyson Gates, 
Julie Parker, Susan Byers, Lorna Wal- 
thall, and Anna DuBose. 

Advisor— Mrs. Catherine Barnhart, Mar- 
garet Stevens— Editor, Susan Gotlier- 
man— Asst. Editor, Pam Stroupe, Bar- 
bara Urquhart, Kathy Jordan, Ellen 
Henson, Candy Bunn, Trudy Glass, Kay 
Carpenter, Patricia Murphy, Margaret 
Williams, Gaye Isenhour, Velda Carter, 
Mary Minor Clifton, Ann Dixon, Verna 
Ga'ss, Beth DeLapp, Athalia Cooper, 
Mimi Railey, Neal Johnson, Lynn Jones, 
Mimi Martin, Mary McGranahan, Deb- 
bie Webb, McKay Munford, Tonia 
Byan, II, Kitty McKenzie, Pegg Corbitt, 
Becky Davis, Mary Fatzick, Dot Fit- 
chett, Greyson Gates, Kira Harris, 
Nanci Kerr, Connie Harrell, Betsy Lin- 
dley, Sidney Jessup, Laurie Sherrill, 
Jeannette Sanderson, Gail Shackelford, 
Karen Rose, Brenda Watson, Laura 
Fanjoy, Anna Merritt Sullivan, Lorna 
Walthall, and Susan Robinson. 

Laura Grimes— Editor, Mimi Martin- 
Advertising Editor, Mary Kelly Tasker— 
Art Editor, Kay Carpenter, Lynn Ha- 
rand, Velda Carter, Margaret Williams, 
Kathrvn Scott, Valerie Tullai, Anne 
Mayo, Anne Speth, Nancv Bryant, Sally 
Alston, Mary Dombalis, Vickie Cock- 
rum, Liesa Showell, Mary Claire Sea- 
well, Lynn Jones, Beth Hoggard, Leigh 
Spearman, Sue Summerhays, Ellen Hen- 
son, Barbara Urquhart, Beth Lange, and 
Susan Creech. 

Students at St. Mary's 


Jane Warren Abernathy— Ayden, N.C. 
Paige Leigh Anderson— Raleigh, N.C. 
Bebe Jane Aycock— Farmville, N.C. 
Elizabeth Rivs Barbour— Raleigh, N.C. 
Frances Horner Barksdale— Lynchburg. Va. 
Caroline Mason Barry— Westport, Conn. 
Martha Ann Beery— Wilmington, N.C. 
Carolyn Deane Bishop— Rocky Mount, N.C. 
Melinda Jane Blanchard— Elizabeth City, N.C. 
Donna Louise Bowles— Greensboror, N.C. 
Lauraine Margaret Brown— Wilmington, N.C. 
Susan Shepard Bryan— Dunn, N.C. 
Tonia Rowe Bryan— Goldsboro, N.C. 
Susan Delaine Bvers— Charlotte, N.C. 
Clara Cotton Capehart— Reinbert, S.C. 
Jan Alexander Carson— Charlotte, N.C. 
Velda Kay Carter-Tabor City, N.C. 
Laura Lee Cartland— Greensboro, N.C. 
Cecilia Scott Clark— Lynchburg, Va. 
Rebecca Osborne Clark— Greenville, N.C. 
Anne Dunbar Cline— Concord, N.C. 
Nancy Butler Culpepper— Elizabeth City, N.C. 
Stacy Edie Curran— Ruxton, Md. 
Paula Calbert Dawson— Woodbridge, Va. 
Emily Elizabeth DeLapp— Lexington, N.C. 
Margaret Ann Denning— Smithfield, N.C. 
Elizabeth Bannon Detgen— Greensboro, N.C 
Elizabedi Simmons DeVane— Fayetteville, N.C. 
Susan James Dotterer— Sanford, N.C. 
Anna Lawrence DuBose— Durham, N.C. 
Elizabeth Anne Ellington— Burlington, N. C. 
Elizabeth Spruill Everett-Palmyra, N. C. 
Janie Gladys Faircloth— Clinton, N. C. 
Mary Lynn Fatzick— Lenoir, N. C. 
Liesa Kidd Fellers-Charlotte, N. C. 
Laura Frances Ferrell— Durham, N.C. 
Marv Jane Flanagan— Greenville N. C. 
Katherine Forrester -Georgetown, S. C. 
Terrell Fave Fulghum— Pensacola, Fla. 
Catherine Ann Fulp— Lexington, N.C. 
Kathrvn McRae Gaskin— Enfaula, Ala. 
Marvel Greyson Gates— Wake Forest, N.C. 
Margaret Gail Goforth-Charlotte, N.C. 
Ellen Gregory Goode— Lynchburg, Va. 
Susan Jeffreys Gotherman— Charlotte, N.C. 
Laura Lynne Grimes— Plymouth, N.C. 
Vicki Gail Groome— Atlanta, Ga. 
Susan Mebane Ham— Greensboro, N.C. 
Lucinda Harrison Hancock— Lynchburg, Va. 
Margaret Pamela Hardage— Norlina, N.C. 
Catherine Phillips Harden— Columbia, S.C. 
Kira Alexandrine Harris— Amarillo, Texas 
Susan Pelletier Harrison— New Bern, N.C. 
Catherine Collen Harvin— Sumter, S.C. 
Mary Higgins Harwood— Richmond, Va. 
Marion Bowden Hassell— Edenton, N.C. 
Fairlie Gunter Haynes— Montgomery, Ala. 
Elizabeth Graham Hazlehurst— Asheville, N.C. 
Ellen Elizabeth Henson— Asheboro, N.C. 
Katherine Ryon Hill-Raleigh, N.C. 
Rachael Brugh Holmes— Asheboro, N.C. 
Angela Denise Howell— Bennettsville, S.C. 
Susan Lee Howland— Asheville, N.C. 

Pamela Diane Hudspeth— Raleigh, N.C. 

Nancy Carol Hunter— Charlotte, N.C. 

Martha O'Neal Johnson— Elkin, N.C. 

Frances Patricia Johnston— Myrtle Beach, S.C. 

Chamberlayne Ross Jones— Charlotte, N.C. 

Katherine Jordan— Burlington, N.C. 

Mary Susan Kayhoe— Richmond, Va. 

Elizabeth Kittrell Kempton— Greenville, N.C. 

Sarah Elizabeth Lange— Greenville, S.C. 

Susan Ward Lawrence— Petersburg, Va. 

Marian Elizabeth Laws— Charlotte, N.C. 

Sallie Ridley Lewis— Jackson, N.C. 

Sarah Wooten Little— Goldsboro, N.C. 

Leslie Marie London— Charlotte, N.C. 

Anne Carlyle McGee— Wilmington, N.C. 

Catherine McKenzie— Georgetown, Ga. 

Margaret Hasty McNairy— Greensboro, N.C. 

Phyllis Lee Macatee— Asheville, N.C. 

Elizabeth Gary MacKenzie— Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Ruth James Martin— Greensboro, N.C. 

Holly Caldwell Mayard-Isle of Palms, S.C. 

Saline Brooks Mobley— Greenwood, S.C. 

Patricia Gail Murphy— Lexington, N.C. 

Marica Feild Neely-Statesville, N.C. 

Elizabeth Compton Newman— Charlotte, N.C. 

Helen Belle Nichols— Athens, Ala. 

Elizabeth Tuller Nicolson— Atlanta Ga. 

Patricia Carroll Northrop— Raleigh, N.C. 

Evelyn Diane Odom— Bennettsville, S.C. 

Eugenia Lee Owsley— Charlotte, N.C. 

Jewell Adams Parker— Woodland, N.C. 

Marj- Amanda Penny— Raleigh, N.C. 

Amy Wood Phillips-Scotland, N.C. 

Caroline Scarborough Pollard— Fayetteville, N.C. 

Ann Paton Pollock-New Bern, N.C. 

Mary Louise Pope— Mt. Olive, N.C. 

Elizabeth Boiling Quicke— Blackstone, Va. 

Joeie Barnes Rawl— Greenville, N.C. 

Nancy Rae Raymer— Statesville, N.C. 

Anne Oakev Read— Springfield, Va. 

Mary Kirtland Rendleman— Greensboro, N.C. 

Norma Kav Reynolds, Gary, N.C. 

Susan Elizabeth Robinson— Skippers, Va. 

Karen Suzanne Rose— Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Louise Nicholas Rowe— Columbia, S.C. 

Catherine Marie Rutledge— Salisbury, N.C. 

Jodee Sanders— Tampa, Fla. 

Isable Gav Savage— Vienna, West Virginia 

Gail Daniel Shackelford- Moimt Olive, N.C. 

Catherine Clendenin Saw— Raleigh, N.C. 

Laurie Ann Sherrill— Greensboro, N.C. 

Monnie Jane Slade— Jamestown, N.C. 

Ellen Horkan Smith— Gainesville, Ga. 

Mary Alice Elizabeth Smith— Goldsboro, N.C. 

Ann Macon Smithwich— Kingsport, Tenn. 

Irma Vivian Sorrell— Cary, N.C. 

Marjorie Anne Spencer— Martinsville, Va. 

Jane Connell Spihnan— Richmond, Va. 

Susan Rae Stancil— Wilson, N.C. 

Julia Anne Stevens— Kannapolis, N.C. 

Margaret Lewis Stevens— Greenville, S.C. 

Karen Lee Strange— Statesville, N.C. 

Pamela Sarah Stroupe— Lumberton, N.C. 

Nancy Warwick Suitt— Greenville, S.C. 

Anna Mcrritt Sullivan— High Point, N.C. 

Susan Diane Summerhays— Salt Lake City, Utah 

Mary Kelly Tasker— Greensboro, N.C. 
Diane Carter Terrell— Lynchburg, Va. 
Fannie Kirbv Thomason— Fayetteville, N.C. 
Ann Elziabeth Thornton-Fayetteville, N.C. 
Robin Lee Throp— Rocky Mount, N.C. 
Shelley Arlene Tosto— Madison, N.C. 
Jane Elizabeth Treichler— Williamsburg, Va. 
Jeanne Marie Tnreotte— Greenville, N.C. 
Lane Turner-Pink Hill, N.C. 
Barbara Halsey Urquhart— Raleigh, N.C. 
Anne Elizabeth Walden— Roanoke, Va. 
Kathryn Maule Wallace-Charlotte, N.C. 
Lorna Gail Walthall-Ablerta, Va. 
Laura Elizabeth Warwick— Maxton, N.C. 
Lynn Nelson Welton— Richmond, Va. 
Melrose Whitfield— Kinston, N.C. 
Daphne Elizabeth Williams-Raleigh, N.C. 
Margaret Rawling Williams— Fayetteville, N.C. 
Carol Decover Williamson— Hamlet, N.C. 
Mary Rosser Woodroff— Greensboro, N.C. 
Anna Marie Woodside— Clinton, N.C. 
Emma Louise Wortham— Wilson, N.C. 
Miriam Wright— Greensboro, N.C. 


Sallv Marshall Alston— Henderson, N.C. 

Deborah Fay Austin— Wadesboro, N.C. 

Debra Kay Baird— Emporia, Va. 

Martha Wharton Bamette— Greenwood, S.C. 

Bonnie Kirk Bell— Southern Pines, N.C. 

Eva Nicholas Bernhardt— Salisbury, N.C. 

Sally Rook Betts-Whitakers, N.C. 

Mary Christina Blackley— Raleigh, N.C. 

Jane Hollie Booker— Greenwood, S.C. 

Virginia Robinson Brogden— Durham, N.C. 

Nancv Jane Bryant— Thomasville, N.C. 

Nancv Middleton Budd— Atlanta, Ga. 

Evelyn Kitchin Buie— Laurinburg, N.C. 

Melinda Ann Byrd— Spartanburg, S.C. 

Pamela Gail Byrd-Raleigh, N.C. 

Karen Elizabeth Carpenter— Monroe, N.C. 

Elizabeth Hinton Cheshire— Raleigh, N.C. 

Lisa Ann Christensen— Virginia Beach, Va. 

Victoria Vann Clarke— Orangeburg, S.C. 

Carol Cleveland— Raleigh, N.C. 

Vickie Dane Cockrum— Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Lou Ann Cleman— Warrenton, N.C. 

Wilda Abigail Conrad-Elkin, N.C. 

Christina Ann Cook— Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Athalia Tayloe Cooper— Washington, N.C. 

Peggy Sears Corbitt— Greenville, N.C. 

Frances Pope Creel— Dunn, N.C. 

Susan Elizabeth Crona— Warrington, Fla. 

Martha Valentine Cronly — Richmond, Va. 

Elizabeth Brvan Dabnev— Lynchburg, Va. 

Catherine Knight Daniel— LaGrange, Ga. 

Susan Elithe Doby— Albemarle, N.C. 

Kathrvn Ann Doggett— Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Sarah Catherine Parrish Doster— St. Simons Island, Ga. 

Debra Kay Duncan— Raleigh, N.C. 

Elizabeth Lee Duncan— Greensboro, N.C. 

Deborah Marie Eley— Jackson, N.C. 

Roland Collins Elliott-Charlotte, N.C. 

Susan Ellen Everett— Salisbury, N.C. 

Lynn Warren Fetner— Wilmington, N.C. 

Dorothy Evins Fitchett— Hartsville, S. C. 

Jessica Gay Fleming— Griffon, N.C. 

Miriam Marshall Fletcher— Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Barbara Gray Ford — Sanford, N.C. 

Suzanne Evelyn Gallion— Atlanta, Ga. 

Margaret Gary Gidley— Clemmons, N.C. 

Melissa Ann Goehring— Durham, N.C. 

Katherine Justice Grimsley— Asheville, N.C. 

Lynn Harand— Shelby, N.C. 

Connie Wren Harrell— Emporia, Va. 

Anne Watkins Harris— South Boston, Va. 

Audrey Lynn Harris— Advance, N.C. 

Bettie Jean Henderson— Raleigh, N.C. 

Deborah Ann Hetland— McLean, Va. 

Katherine Lane Hobson— Salisbury, N.C. 

Patricia Drasdell Holt— Greensboro, N.C. 

Sandra Katherine Holt— Sanford, N.C. 

Betsy Tom Lawrence Homewood— Clarksville, Va. 

Martha Connelly Horton— Statesville, N.C. 

Lu Parrish Howard— Burlington, N.C. 

Patricia Gaye Isnehour— Salisbury, N.C 

Suzanne Marie Jeffreys— Raleigh, N.C. 

Cynthia Ann Jernigan— Laurinburg, N.C. 

Lucile Best Jones— Durham, N.C. 

Shelley Anne Joslvn— Morehead City, N.C. 

Janet Gaither Kelly-Erwin, N.C. 

Martha Toms Kelly— Wilmington, N.C. 

Rosalie Huske Kelly— Fayetteville, N.C. 

Jan Strayer Kennett— Greensboro, N.C. 

Allison Kerr— Fort Worth, Texas 

Nancv Morgan Kerr— Clinton. N.C. 

Kimberlv Anne Koken— Raleigh, N.C. 

Phillipa Leigh Lang— Raleigh, N.C. 

Deborah Lee Lasitter— Snow Hill, N.C. 

Anne Lenzner— Raleigh, N.C. 

Sarah Elizabeth Lewis— Tallahassee, Fla. 

Elaine Gavle Littlejohn— Asheville, N.C. 

Margaret Lucas McAlister— Fries, Va. 

Elizabeth Sickles McCann-Charlotte, N.C. 

Debra Lvnn McCue— Atlanta, Ga. 

Debra Marline McGee-Charlotte, N.C. 

Frances Beeland McGowin— Greenville, Ala. 

Anne Bailev Mclean— Sanford, N.C. 

Mary Crystine McLeod— Athens, Ga. 

Frances Rutledge Martin— Greenswood, S.C. 

Anne Lee Mays— Greenwood, S.C. 

Teresa Elizabeth Messner— Greenville, N.C. 

Lynn Ditmas Miller— Washington, DC. 

Laura Lee Mitchell-Tar Hell, N.C. 

Janet Lynn Morgan— Signal Mountain, Tenn. 

Christine Anne Murphy— Montclair, N.J. 

Jo-Ann Marie Nance— Jackson, N.C. 

Elizabeth Lindsay Nash— Vienna, Va. 

Jayne Aycock Nelson— Raleigh, N.C. 

Elva Elizabeth Oakes— Burlington, N.C. 

Janet Dorothy Osmer— Greensboro, N.C. 

Suzanne Aylett Owens— Elizabeth City, N.C. 

Martha Kave Pass— Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Mary Dell Patton-Hickory, N.C. 

Caroline Carson Perry— Sanford, N.C. 

Susan Redding Pitt-Charlotte, N.C. 

Cordelia Ruffin Plunkett-Charlottesville, N.C. 

Loula Polites-Charlotte, N.C. 

Elizabeth Ruth Putney-Elm City. N.C. 

Leigh Annette Ravnor— Apex, N.C. 

Jacqueline Powell Ricks— Edenton, N.C. 

Alice Pendleton Roberts— Lynchburg, Va. 

Elizabeth Clark Roberts-Lynchburg, Va. 

Jane Skiles Roberts— Ounn, N.C. 

Robin Elizabeth Robinson— Lynchburg, Va. 

Susan Lawson Rogers— Scotland Neck, N.C. 

Noel Heddy Russos— Raleigh, N.C. 

Rebecca Anne Ryon— Winter Haven, Fla. 

Mildred Cooley Sanders-Raleigh, N.C. 

Sabrey Jeanette Sanderson— Magnolia, N.C. 

Margaret Glenn Sargent— Raleigh, N.C. 

Ewing Elizabeth Schmidt— Amarillo, Texas 

Kathryn Patterson Scott— Greensboro, N.C. 

Florence Elise Shelton— Amarillo, Texas 

Laura Svbil Shivar— Seven Springs, N.C. 

Sarah Elizabeth Showell-Ocean City, Md. 

Sallie Murrill Shuping— Greensboro, N.C. 

Carol Anne Simpson— Raleigh, N.C. 

Elisa Delmar Sims— Raleigh, N.C. 

Margaret Leslie Sloan— Raleigh, N.C. 
Florence Fontaine Smart— Charlotte, N.C. 
Anne Creecy Smith— Raleigh. N.C. 
Martha Nash Smith— Charlottesville, Va. 
Nancy Harmon Smith- Favetteville, N.C. 
Susan Worthington Smith- Lynchburg, Va. 
Pamela Jean Smithson— Hickory, N.C. 
Evelyn Neese Snvder— Thomasville, N.C. 
Anne Hunter Stephenson— Sanford, N.C. 
Melanie Anne Stevens— Shiloh, N.C. 
Harriet Lee Swaim— Henderson, N.C. 
Carolyn Rose Taylor— Mt. Groghan, S.C. 
Pamela Ann Teasley— Windsor, N.C. 
Anne Fortune Troutnian— Griffon, N.C. 
Rebecca Jean Truelove— Raleigh, N.C. 
Janice Gail Turner— Gary, N.C. 
Vicky Ann Turner— Wadesboro, N.C. 
June Claire Upchurch— Raleigh, N.C. 
Sarah Hart Vann— Goldsboro, N.C. 
Julia Chapman Walker— Greensboro, N.C. 
Deborah Walter— Orangeburg, S.C. 
Paige Ward-Durham. N.C. 
Brenda Kav Watson— Henderson, N.C. 
Mary Gordon Watson— Hickory, N.C. 
Debbie Walston Webb-Greenville, N.C. 
Virginia Kimbro West— Memphis, Tenn. 
Beverly Sue Whitehurst— Rocky Mount, N.C. 
Beverly Faye Wheeler— Zebulon, N.C. 
Susan Pierce Whitlock— Bethesda, Md. 
Sarah Stuart Whitley-Raleigh N.C. 
Elizabeth Anderson Willard— Raleigh, N.C. 
Margaret Yorke Wooten— Charlotte, N.C. 
Dorothy Charleton Young— Columbus, Ga. 



Sue Keller Akenhead-Raleigh, N.C. 
Gail Lynne Austin— Raleigh, N.C. 
Libby Corey Baker-New Bern, N.C. 
Gwendolyn Hughes Barnes— Raleigh, N.C. 
Elizabeth Burwell Baskerville— Bracey, Va. 
Joy Lynn Batchelor— Raleigh, N.C. 
Elizabeth Carolyne Beale— Franklin, Va. 
Gladys Lorraine Beddingfleld— Stantonsburg, N.C. 
Ann Stnidwick Berry-Chapel Hill, N.C. 
Alice Rebecca Blackburn— Valdosta, Ga. 
Catherine Pettwav Blankenship— Warrenton, N.C. 
Laura Kathleen Brann— Raleigh, N.C. 

Candace Mozelle Bunn— Whiteville, N.C. 

Betsy Ann Burton— Raleigh, N.C. 

Donna Kay Byrd— Raleigh, N.C. 

Karen Elizabeth Byrd-Raleigh, N.C. 

Jane Elizabeth Cameron— Raleigh, N.C. 

Janis Kay Castleberry— Smithfield, N.C. 

Amy Grant Chavasse— Raleigh, N.C. 

Lisa Anne Christoph— Wake Forest, N.C. 

Garland Lynn Clarke— Lawrenceville, Va. 

Carol Sturdivant Goggin— Raleigh, N.C. 

Iris Jean Cottingham— Bennettsville, S.C. 

Camilla Burce Cramer— Greensboro, N.C. 

Susan Warren Creech— Raleigh, N.C. 

Janet Elizabeth Davis— Newport, N.C. 

Mary Rebecca Davis— Rutherfordton, N.C. 

Anne Randloph DeLuca-Chapel Hill, N.C. 

Elizabeth Ann Dixon— Robersonville, N.C. 

Mary Helen Dombalis— Raleigh, N.C. 

Lucinda Hooker Edwards— Roanoke Rapids, N.C. 

MaryAnne Vaughn Elliott— Charlotte, N.C. 

Laura Sutherland Fanjov— Statesville, N.C. 

Evelyn Allison Faulkner— Kinston, N.C. 

Minda Sue Fleishman— Fayetteveille, N.C. 

Gertrude Glass— Whiteville, N.C. 

Anne Heartt Gregory— Weldon, N.C. 

Jane McCalla Gregory— Weldon, N.C. 

Elizabeth Parks Hahn-North Myrtle Beach, S.C. 

Frances Lee Haigler— Raleigh, N.C. 

Marsha Sue Hardv— Farmville, N.C. 

Emma Katharine Harvin— Henderson, N.C. 

Karen Elizabeth Hearne— Blenheim, S.C. 

Melba Charles Hefelfinger— Wilmington, N.C. 

Carev Elaine Hendrix— Greensboro, N.C. 

Carol Grisler Herring— Clinton, N.C. 

Julia Elizabeth Hoggard— Ahoskie, N.C. 

Vickie Leigh Holt-Raleigh, N.C. 

Margaret Ellen House— Marion, N.C. 

Sidney Phillips Jessup— Hertford, N.C. 

Grace Scott Johnson— Raleigh, N.C. 

Jane Shannon Johnson— Raleigh, N.C. 

Barbara Jordan— Burlington, N.C. 

Mary Elizabeth Justesen— Dunn, N.C. 

Dell Elizabeth Kistler-Fayetteville, N.C. 

Elizabeth Van Lindley-Raleigh, N.C. 

Beverlv Eileen Lipman— New Bern, N.C. 

Ruth Porter Little-Asheville, N.C. 

Amy Lynn— Raleigh, N.C. 

Lee Ann Lvtton— Favetteville, N.C. 

Susan Page McDaniel— Gary, N.C. 

Mary Fuller McGranahan— Durham, N.C. 

Sally Anne Edmunds McMasters— Winnsboro, S.C. 

Anglea Claridy Mankin— Griffin, Ga. 

Helen Denise Manning— Raleigh, N.C. 

Catherine Elizabeth Martin— Bethel, N.C. 

Laura Patterson Maxwell— Vanceboro, N.C. 

Anne Louise Mavo— Tarboro, N.C. 

Laurene Joy Meir— Raleigh, N.C. 

Mayree Gwvn Miller— Pineville, N.C. 

{Catherine Battle Moore— Raleigh, N.C. 

Jeanette Marie Morrison— Raleigh, N.C. 

fane Page Morrow— Chapel Hill, N.C. 

Nixie Ann Nunnelee— Wilmington, N.C. 

Angela Kathleen Parker— Supply. N.C. 

Jennifer Ann Powell— Chapel Hill, N.C. 

Victoria Carolvn Proctor— Parkton, N.C. 

Judith Michelle Reynolds-Raleigh, N.C. 

Julia Elaine Ridgeway— Raleigh, N.C. 
Patricia Anne Roberts— Charlotte. N.C. 
Margaret Erskine Rogers— Spruce Pine, N.C. 
Cynthia Kay Royal— Raleigh, N.C. 
Mary Anne Schwind— Winter Park, Fla. 
Mary Claire Seawell- Greensboro, N.C. 
Tara Rae Shrake— Durham, N.C. 
Lauren Lea Sitton, Raleigh, N.C. 
Melissa Anne Smith— Reliegh, N.C. 
Susan Leigh Spearman— Greensboro, N.C. 
Patricia Anne Speth— Mario, S.C. 
Marion Josephine Steen— Atlanta, Ga. 
Leslie Elizabeth Stokes— Raleigh, N.C. 
Ellen Ferguson Stone— Raleigh, N.C. 
Lori Anne Thies— Raleigh, N.C. 
Elizabeth Gayford Tolley— Newport News, Va. 
Christin Wright Tooker— Richmond, Va. 
Valerie Denise Tullai-Chapel Hill, N.C. 
Hope Hill Tyndall-Goldsboro, N.C. 
Katie Christine Walker— Raleigh, N.C. 
Mary Raulston Walker— Henderson, N.C. 
Carole Jeanne Watford-Hartville, S.C. 
Sharon Lynn Weers— Raleigh, N.C. 
Dorothy Bennett Wellons— Smithfield, N.C. 
Martha Moye Williams— Durham, N.C. 
Sally Marrion Young-Raleigh, N.C. 


Catherine Ellen Adcock— Raleigh, N.C. 
Martha Anne Auld-Raleigh, N.C. 
Ann Graham Barwick— Clinton, N.C. 
Emily Donelson Bass— Morehead City, N.C. 
Sallie Strudwick Beard— Raleigh, N.C. 
Camilla Rebecca Bittle— Durham, N.C. 
Juliet Tee Blandenship— Raleigh, N.C. 
Cahterine Lynn Boyce— Raleigh, N.C. 
Elizabeth Anne Bullington— Roanoke, Va. 
Ruth Louise Butler-Charlotte, N.C. 
Melanie Anne Calvert— Greenville, Tenn. 
Catherine Lynn Chamblee— Raleigh, N.C. 
Margaret Pou Clements— Henderson, N.C. 
Mary Monor Clifton— Graner, N.C. 
Katherine Conway Cole— Virginia Beach, Va. 
Eugenia Roberts Cowper— Windson, N.C. 
Bettina Jean Critcher— Raleigh, N.C. 
Rebecca Elizabeth Dalton-Rock Hill, S.C. 
Anna Elaine Davis— Pleasant Garden, N.C. 
Betsy Jean Davis— Newport, N.C. 
Pauline Elizabeth Eley— Jackson, N.C. 
Mary Llewellyn Eaireloth— Clinton, N.C. 
Henrietta Susan Fields— Raleigh, N.C. 
Rebekah Anne Flythe— Raleigh, N.C. 
Lisa Ann Forman— Raleigh, N.C. 
Penelope Ellen Fonts— Thomasville, N.C. 
Elizabeth Leigh Gaither-Elizabeth City, N.C. 
Al Veraa Gates-Raleigh, N.C. 
Deborah Noel Glazier— Independence, Va. 
Holly Dee Gnagey— Atlanta, Ga. 
Karen Elizabeth Green— Robersonville, N.C. 
Elizabeth Caldwell Gregory— Scotland Neck, N.C. 
Margaret Elizabeth Hicks— Wilmington, N.C. 
Martha Elizabeth Holding-Raleigh, N.C. 
Mary Kee Hood-Raleigh, N.C. 
Doris Goerch Horton— Pittsboro, N.C. 
Helon Vaughn Hutaff-Fayetteville, N.C. 

Ann Vaughn Isenhower— Conover, N.C. 

Linda Anne Jefferies— Raleigh, N.C. 

Annie Marie Johnson— Raleigh N.C. 

Lena Maria Johnson— New Bern, N.C. 

Helon Elizabeth Jones— Charlotte, N.C. 

Linda Anne Jones— Raleigh, N.C. 

Mary McCarroll Jordan— Summit, N.J. 

Sue Carson Joyner— Raleigh, N.C. 

Annette Davis Kerlin— Raleigh, N.C. 

Patricia Ann Kerlin— Raleigh, N.C. 

Deborah Gray Lane— Wilson, N.C. 

Corneille Harris Little— Raleigh, N.C. 

Elizabeth Winkler Luckett-Raleigh, N.C. 

Sarah Little McAlister-Charlotte, N.C. 

Shelia Kay McLamb— Shallotte, N.C. 

Amanda Cobb McMillan-Raleigh, N.C. 

Shawn McLean Maxwell— Independence, Va. 

Kathleen Kav Menendez— Emporia, Va. 

Louise Gaither Moore— Raleigh, N.C. 

Sarah McKav Munford— Raleigh, N.C. 

Caroline Celeste Neaves— Elkin, N.C. 

Lisa Webster Norwood— Montezuma, Ga. 

Kate Montgomery Oates— Spartanburg, S.C. 

Louise Edward Overman— Virginia Beach, Va. 

Mary Paige Pate-Raleigh, N.C. 

Constance Palmer Peebles— Lawrenceville, Va. 

Julie Elfrida Peterkin-Fort Motte, S. C. 

Mary Margaret Plvbon— Greensboro, N.C. 

Deborah Lynn Powers— Rockv Mount, N.C. 

Catherine Ruth Proctor— Raleigh, N.C. 

Dana Elizabeth Promin— Miami, Fla. 

Pamela Peele Railey— Courtland, Va. 

Novella Vincent Rawlings— Capron, Va. 

Jill Eaton Rice-Hamlet, N.C. 

Jeanie Patterson Rogers— Smithfield, N.C. 

Virginia Lee Rose— Raleigh, N.C. 

Susan Anderson Scruggs— Charlotte, N.C. 

Carol Victoria Sermons— Washington, N.C. 

Carlotte Gray Sharp— Robersonville, N.C. 

Kimberly Anne Shavlik— Raleigh, N.C. 

Joy Lou Simpson— Beaufort, N.C. 

Janet Cumming Smalley— Griffin, Ga. 

Anita L-nora Taylor— Raleigh, N.C. 

Debbie Kav Testerman— Greensboro, N.C. 

Josie Christine Thompson— Colerain, N.C. 

Nancy Bobbitt Thompson— Raleigh, N.C. 

Miriam Morgan Towler— Raleigh, N.C. 

Maria Beatriz deLemos Tucker— New Bern, N.C. 

Patricia Agnes Urquhart— Raleigh, N.C. 

Elizabeth Marie Vann— Clinton, N.C. 

Elizabeth Ann Wannamaker— St. Matthews, S.C. 

Mary Carter Warren— Virginia Beach, Va. 

Bettie Franklin Watson-Raleigh, N.C. 

Ann Mitchell Watters-Raleigh, N.C. 

Frances Ashe Welles— Fayetteville, N.C. 

Dorothy Griffin Wells- Woodland, N.C. 

Corinne Harriet Weyrauch— Gainesville, Fla. 

Deborah Joe Whittenberg— Louisville, Kentucky 

Rebecca Johnston Williams— Warrenton, N.C. 

Elizabeth Harding Williamson— Hamlet, N.C. 

Frances Crews Wilmarth— Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Ann Elizabeth Woodroof— Greensboro, N.C. 

This man is a living part of the true St. Marv's spirit that is on campus. Those that 
have never experienced his smile have missed a ray of sunshine in their life. 

He has dedicated 35 out of his 66 vears of life to our school. Even though now 
retired, he continues to work here. 

Because of his unfailing dedication to St. Marv's, we gratefully dedicate the 1974 
STAGECOACH to our own Casper Lilley. 











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"Due to circumstances beyond our control, these pictures will appear here. 

I t 

Susan Jeffreys Gotherman and Elizabeth Gary MaeKenzie, Seniors 

Irma Vivian Sorrell, Senior 







"Come Saturday morning 

I'm going away with mi/ friend 

We'll Saturday spend til the end of the day 

Just I and my friend 

Will travel for miles on our Saturday smiles 

And then we'll move on 

But we will remember 

Long after Saturday's gone." 

St. Mary's is sunshine 

We came here to laugh in the sun 

And learn how to live as we went on our way 

You made us all love 

You taught us much more than we ever will know 

Our days with good friends 

Will fill our tomorrows 

Leaving their smiles in our hearts. 

Our school year is ending 

Our ship is now ready to part 

The harbor is clear for the journey to start 

One final farewell 

One word that will say what is deep in our hearts . . 

And that word is love 

And we will remember 

Long after Saturday's gone. 
Tlien on we will travel 

New places and faces we'll see 

A brand new life it will suddenly be 

And then we'll recall 

The smiles and the tears we have shared one and all 

But we must move on 

But we will remember 

Long after Saturday's gone.